The Beginning

I spent 6 years working for a massive salon chain, adhering to policies and procedures I didn’t believe in myself.  Being dictated to and being miserable, contemplating what the hell I was doing with my life!  I became a slave to my employer.  I still gave it my all just to receive a shitty pay check at the end of the fortnight, most of which I spent on trying to decrease the stress and anxiety built up from managing a salon with 14 staff. Then I opened Eighty One on George at age 21 with a vision to not only pursue my passion for hair but to provide a safe and flexible environment for myself, my guests and my staff.

Three years ago, on the opening of Eighty One on George, I made myself a promise that I’d never treat my staff the way I was treated throughout my chain salon career.  A promise that I never want my staff to feel as miserable as I used to coming to work every day.  We spend 80% of our time at work why shouldn’t we be happy there?  Why shouldn’t we like the people we work with or be discouraged from not being friends with those people outside of work? I believe creating relationships with those you work with is vital to a happy salon and a happy heart and mind!  Of course everyone needs to know when to draw the line this is business but that’s what being a successful leader is all about – knowing how to lead and grow people successfully.  I believe your staff are your biggest asset and if you take care of your staff your staff will take care of your guests. So to that massive chain salon that never believed that I could do it, that treated me like a slave and thought I’d work for them forever earning $20 a hour with 14 staff with anxiety levels through the roof, look who is laughing now! I have a great big smile on my face, surrounded by staff, friends and guests who believe in me, who love me and are happy coming to work!  If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!

To all my queens out there, do what makes you happy and don’t worry about what people say or think of you!  People are always going to say stupid stuff, you may as well give them something to talk about.  Be amazing and choose happiness every single day!  Even when you want to bury your partner in the backyard

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