Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you

I have come to a point in my business, career and life where if you don’t impact my life in a positive way then there is no need for you to be around me, we become like those we hang around so choose your circle wisely.
At Eighty-one on George we get hundreds of messages and comments per week enquiring about price or how our page has impacted them positively.  I am so happy that people support and believe in us and the quality we produce.  It honestly warms my heart to make people feel so good about themselves and to empower women, especially in business and self-confidence.  Sharing my experience with anxiety and how you can push through it, how you can build your own business and brand by changing your mindset.I also get extremely rude messages where people feel a sense of entitlement or that I owe them something and how dare we charge what we charge.  I am so grateful for the guests and queens who follow us and encourage us to grow as people and as a team.  I also feel that I am at the point where if rudeness to me or my staff occurs I will refuse a service.
No amount of money is worth a negative vibe or put down. I will never need money enough to be treated poorly by anyone, no matter who you are. I am what I am and I am okay with that.  I love my salon and what I do but most importantly I love myself.
Everyone is fighting their own battle, remember that queens and treat people how you want to be treated always!
Bloody smile, its free!

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