Booking Appointment Policy

Eighty One on George is a boutique hair salon that relies strictly on efficiency and time management to create the best possible atmosphere and outcome for your hair.  We understand that life is busy and some things do crop up, however we ask you to give us 24 hours prior notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  We send out a confirmation text message for your convenience so please confirm via text message or your appointment may be cancelled if confirmation is not received.  Please allow 24 hours to reschedule/cancel as a 25% cancellation fee may be charged at the discretion of Eighty One on George.

Large colour services require a $150 (non refundable) deposit upon booking due to the amount of time needed for your service. This deposit is then deducted from your total quote with the balance payable on the day.  We also allow all guests to prepay up to 50% of their appointments prior to the day of service for convenience.

To help meet all our clients’ needs we ask that you please be aware of our cancellation policy and late policy.  Please remember our time is very valuable and we ask you to attend 10 minutes prior to your appointment which allows us to commence exactly on time. 

Late for your Appointment

If you are running late for your appointment we ask if you could please call our artists on 93397550 to confirm this as it may interfere with the length of your appointment.

Please understand that after more than 20 minutes from the scheduled start time of your appointment, it may not be possible to accommodate this appointment as it may interfere with other guests or there simply is not enough time.  If this does occur we will reschedule your appointment and treat this appointment as a cancellation.

No show for your Appointment

If you do not contact Eighty One on George to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we will classify this as a “no show”.  This will be marked on your client file at the salon and all future appointments will need to be made in the salon (not on the phone or internet) with a deposit paid.  If this occurs more than 3 times or more all cancellation fees will need to be paid before a future appointment can be made.