Be your own competition

It’s not about being the best, it’s about wanting the best for people, about being real and true to yourself!  It’s not about competing with other artists or being the “best colourists in Perth”. It is, however, about creating the best environment for our guests, complimented by kickass customer service, quality products and supporting local business!  Let’s be honest anyone can talk shit, throw a colour on or create a “kickass” cut BUT………. people forget what you tell them, forget what you did but they will NEVER forget how you made them feel.

We don’t compete, we are not threatened by other artists or anyone and, in fact, nor would I ever condone it.  We have proven to ourselves that happiness, team work and hard work will prevail.  As long as my team are better than they were yesterday and eager to learn tomorrow then I am content.  I promote and encourage happiness and want the best for people, ALL people!  I don’t and won’t sweat the small shit because to worry is to suffer twice, and who the f*ck has time for that!
So here it is…. I am 100% me! There is only one Claire Mason in this world and thank God you can’t duplicate it
Love and light people, love and light

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